2 thoughts on “A Pupil’s Perspective of Learning in the 21st Century

  1. Philip Graham

    This was a staggeringly inspirational presentation from pupils. I am proud to say I was there, hearing these magnificent young people promote IT as a tool for collaboration. This flies in the face of the “no copying” obsession that has destroyed many opportunities for collaborative work in schools. I find it ironic that we sometimes lambast our pupils for the very simply human drive to collaborate in order to solve problems and meet challenges – indeed, our examination system is based on it. We must encourage these innovators to help us to fight against the corporate IT departments who seem to be the only IT departments in any industry whose modus operandi is closing down opportunities for IT to flourish in any unexpected/creative/productive/innovative/imaginative way. I never thought I would see the day when IT was run by Luddites. It is here.

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