A selection of #PedagooFriday tweets – 07/09/12

Here’s a selection of this week’s #PedagooFriday tweets. This week #PedagooFriday came ‘live’ from the East Lothian Learning Festival where we shared a few tweets from teacher’s who aren’t (yet) on twitter…

#pedagoofriday the big cheers and joy on pupils faces when we found out we'd been awarded 3rd green flag for eco schools. 🙂
Using thinking squares so students could see the increasing depth and complexity of their understanding #pedagoofriday
Matt Bebbington
RT @: #PedagooFriday My highlight has been witnessing that the will to learn is alive and well.
Michael Russell
#pedagoofriday had my new s3 class designing an experiment to investigate catalysts, some inventive ideas! http://t.co/gZ5KF1Yc
 Blair H
#PedagooFriday Having #Olympic Silver Medalist Luke Patience come in to talk to the students, the kids loved him!
Steven Wilkinson
#pedagoofriday Kids getting enthusiastic about maps on DofE expedition is my moment of the week http://t.co/2WXzHeoK
Neil Valentine
#pedagoofriday enjoying taking time out from marking to chat with pupils about their progress, targets & ambitions on a 1:1 basis.
@ higher history pupils using twitter to reflect on lessons #PedagooFriday
Alec Jessop
Whole school working well together to prepare for next week's concert. Amazing support and encouragement for each other #PedagooFriday
Of all the things I’ve done in thirteen years of teaching I think, perhaps, #pedagoofriday is the one idea of which I”m most proud.
Kenny Pieper

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