Pedagoo is a growing community of teachers collaboratively supporting, encouraging and sharing innovative and effective approaches to education. We aim to improve educational outcomes for our young people through positively and professionally sharing our practice.

If you’re involved in education, you’re more than welcome to join our community and share your thoughts and practice. is a collaborative blog allowing teachers to easily share with an established community. Setting up a blog, building an audience and keeping it up to date can be time consuming…so just post here! Just sign up then write your post!

There are many other ways to share through Pedagoo as well as our collaborative blog…

  • If you’re on twitter, check out our hashtag #PedagooFriday. Every week teachers share their highlight of the week from their classrooms with this hashtag. It’s a fantastically positive way to end the week and a great way of sharing ideas. Many #PedagooFriday tweets go on to become posts on due to the demand for more information on the idea.
  • A quicker and shorter way of sharing and discussing ideas on is through our forums. Once you’re registered on the site you’re free to create new topics or reply to topics which are already running.
  • Members of the community also occasionally run Pedagoo events. Our events focus on providing a fun opportunity to learn from each other and further develop the community. Keep an eye on for the next one.


The Pedagoo logo is based on a shape originally created by [SPLASH-!T].

You can buy Pedagoo branded stuff here – we don’t make any money from this, it’s just a bit of fun.

Pedagoo is completely not for profit and is run by practising teachers in our “spare” time. For more on how the Pedagoo website is led and managed, click here.

You can get in touch with the team by using the following email address: