An Unspoken Moment #pedagooreview

At about 8.30 am, on Saturday the 22nd of September I was standing in a hotel in Glasgow with Fearghal Kelly (@fkelly) Neil Winton (@nwinton) and Ian Stuart (@islayian). We chatted nervously as the reality of what we were doing here began to sink in. For a moment, perhaps, as time seemed to be passing, one might have thought we had bitten off more than we could chew. But soon that thought was dispelled. Educators began to arrive; first, one; a familiar face; then, two, three, two more.

The first ever SLFFringe event was Pedagoo’s biggest project to date and a huge success. I won’t recall every detail- look back on the blog for some real inspiration – but there was a moment later that day when Fearghal, Neil and I caught each other’s eyes. None of us spoke. We knew we had achieved something special. Bringing educators together to share was always the original point of Pedagoo. We were and are very proud of that. The positivity which pervaded the day sticks with me even now, feeling a shiver as I write about it. The #pedagooxmas party in Newcastle continued that. But that moment, when Fearghal, Neil and I shared that unspoken thought is my Pedagoo highlight of 2012.

5 thoughts on “An Unspoken Moment #pedagooreview

  1. Fearghal

    Wow! That brought a shiver to my spine and a tear to my eye…what are you doing to me man don’t you know I’m delicate just now!?!

    Thanks for sharing that moment, I remember it well.


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