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My year so far… #pedagooreview

My first 5 months of teaching have by far surpassed any expectations that I had previously. I have learned more in this short space than I ever could at university and that is simply due to the fact I landed myself an excellent department. My first thought looking back is how much I have grown in terms of my confidence in my ability to teach and my willingness to experiment and try new things and to persevere with these new things. I mean I never thought I would blog just 6 months ago but I have been gripped by the intensity of this, my probation year.

Looking back there are a few things that have stood out. I believe my relationships that I have built will stay with me for a while both with staff and pupils. How the pupils have engaged with me has been nothing short of excellent and they way in which they work with me and not against me has been a great highlight. I have introduced twitter, pedagoo, edmodo, senior football, first year football, sky sports living for sport and a running club in this 5 months – all of which have been taken up with good numbers.

The senior football team has been a particular highlight, being that I live in a rugby dominated area.  We have played a number of games and even got ourselves new strips and to see the boys wear them and the appreciation I received is why I want to stay in this role for years to come.

In terms of my teaching and learning, I have gained so much from a brilliant department. My questioning has improved and I now use whiteboards, discussions, thinking time and other active learning techniques that I have picked up from my department, twitter and of course pedagoo. I have used twitter to issue homework, hold discussions and generate enthusiasm within pupils that has generated a buzz in the school for activities and other things going on. I have also assisted in reintroducing Houses and alongside the House Team have managed to hold a few events and get everyone involved in the houses and representing their respective house and joining together as a group.

Overall this 5 months have been nothing short of excellent and I only hope the next 5 months, years and so on are just as excellent however busy I get.