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#PedagooFriday – Selection of tweets – 19.07.13

What a great year of #PedagooFriday tweets! Thank you for all the great ideas and the positivity!

Thank you to Rachel Jones for her help with the selection.

#PedagooFriday selection of tweets – 12.07.13

#PedagooFriday selection of tweets – 05.07.13

#PedagooFriday selection of tweets – 28.06.13

#PedagooFriday selection – 3.5.13

A Selection of #PedagooFriday Tweets – 15.02.13

Here are just a few of the amazing #PedagooFriday tweets from today.

The pick of #pedagoofriday – 18/1/13

This is an impossible task! So much to feel inspired by in all your tweets.  Here is a selection.

#PedagooFriday 23/11/12

Really cracking #PedagooFriday today.

QR quiz for N3/N4 chemistry kids loved using technology, totally engaged and 'found' so much shared (cont)
Charlaine Simpson
#pedagoofriday Made a massive map with Y10 business studies - label & discuss different sorts of ownership #ecbusteach
Mad (name not fact)
@ #PedagooFriday pupils self evaluate own work with SOLO stage and identify feed forward comment...then peer evaluation ...share
Andy Knill
#PedagooFriday My Year 9s were brill this wk using their knwledge of forces to write a report advising Lewis Hamilton what car he shld buy!
Doug Cremin
#pedagoofriday Persuading my yr12 L2 re-sit girls to speech map their speeches and remember them! #AnEndToDullReadingOfSpeeches
Claire Howlett
Launching Marginal Gains and #SOLO this week with several groups was a highlight of my week. Match made in heaven #PedagooFriday @
Simon Baddeley
#PedagooFriday My Year 8s produced some outstanding E/Q proof buildings. Some even had inbuilt electrics with 'generators' attached #amazing
Emma Rawlings Smith
Using the ipad to improve the quality of my demonstrations during my swimming lesson today #PedagooFriday
Jon Tait
SMT observation feedback that was pretty fab and a reminder that sometimes I do get it right #PedagoFriday
Miss Cunningham
#PedagoFriday year 8 creating poetry using concrete, haikus or acrostics about water! Amazingly creative.
Karen Duxbury-Watkin
#PedagoFriday Great to see year 8 girls getting into computing this week - excelling with HTML!! #computing
 Mr O'Callaghan
Marginal gains and a llesson objective focus - seeing my sixth formers really love the concept and fly with it! #pedagoofriday
Claire Doherty
@ - the highlight of my teaching week is my #5MinPlan being viewed used in schools across the UK!