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Unplug’d Scotland – Educators Reconnecting with Education

Unplug’d Scotland is a Retreat to go to the beautiful Loch Tay to get away, write, collaborate, be active, and build relationships with Educators from all aspects and levels of learning.  A natural setting away from pressures, technology, and conference tables will allow us to get a chance to share, grow, relax, and reflect as educators and learners.

The weekend will consist of sharing, writing, and reflecting on personal stories and experiences and what they mean for education today. We will produce writing, audio, and video to share stories, posts, and a collection of writing about what really matters in education.  We will also relax, be active, and get to know other educators on a personal level.

We are looking for 40 enthusiastic members of the Education community from a wide range of locations, backgrounds, experiences, and levels.  Apply today – places are filling up and the more excited, enthusiastic people looking to share about education, the better!