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Pedagoo Debate Consultation


“Education reform in Scotland, ambitious in conception, compromised by implementation.  Is this why we don’t achieve transformation?”


It is now time to have your say on the structure and content of the Pedagoo Debate:


At this point it is all ‘up for debate’ so go on, have your say – that’s what Pedagoo is all about.


#pedagoodebate:  A debate organised by teachers, for teachers.


Pedagoo Debate

It’s 22.20, Sunday night and you should be going to bed.  Just as you are about to put your phone on silent, David Cameron, @realdcameron, poses a question on Twitter, the kind that stops you in your tracks:

“Education reform in Scotland, ambitious in conception, compromised by implementation.  Is this why we don’t achieve transformation?”

I had disjointed answers running through my mind that I couldn’t fit into 140 characters.  This is too big a question to discuss on Twitter.  It’s time for a National Debate; a #pedagoodebate.  Already confirmed to attend are David Cameron himself, Fearghal Kelly, Mark R Priestley with several other major names yet to confirm.  We envision a debate that launches the school year, putting the most important big ideas at the forefront of our minds; what could be bigger than a discussion of the barriers to transformation and how to overcome them?

The #pedagoodebate is now in the making and like all organic ideas will be crafted over the next few months.  A panel of great thinkers and educationalists representing all sectors of education; an audience of pedagooers, teachers, educators, political figures, cultural shapers and interested parties and of course filmed to reach an even wider audience and so maximise impact.

Will you be at the first historic #pedagoodebate?

Who would you like to see on the panel?

Do you have a view to contribute?


You should be.