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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

My first blog post for Pedagoo – no pressure! *steadies nerves*

I am @louisateaches and I am a passionate educator in Work Based Learning (16-18 year olds).  Worked Based Learning helps our learners understand how the things they learn in my classroom are connected to the real world and I focus on employability in particular.

More recently I introduced a new project to my learners, a class magazine! This enabled my learners to take a little break from our regular classroom activities and individuals were enthusiastic to work on something completely unique and of interest to them.  It also meant learners could work at a pace appropriate for them, with confident/more independent learners producing 3 page articles for example, as well as giving the less able the opportunity to excel.

A number of roles were assigned to aid in the production of the magazine; everyone was a reporter, there were also editors (who SPaG’d!) and designers who worked on the front cover.  We used a variety of real magazines for inspiration and took a vote on a name for the finished article (‘On Point’!).

So what’s in it for them?  I hear you ask;

Everyone’s ideas matter – so this encouraged learners to engage and it empowered them to contribute to discussions, giving them more confidence.  As it was a collaborative process , it helped them in their development of good judgment and most importantly, the task required teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, creativity and self-control – all skills that are in demand in the job market!

Here are a few images to show the development of the magazine over the last couple of weeks;

Class Magazine (1) class magazine

Hand outs learners were given to describe and inspire them for the task

class mag2 class mag3

Learners mind mapped using the Popplet app to decide topics they would report on

class mag4

They were given a range of magazines to research content, topics and layout

class mag1

Learners use Piktochart, a free online infographic creator, to design their articles

class mag5 class mag6 class mag7 IMG_0284 (4) IMG_0285 (4) IMG_1834 (3)

A selection of the finished articles and learners proudly viewing their work!


For any extra information on this activity or about the work I do, please don’t hesitate to contact me!