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Creating flipcharts with P5/6 pupils

I am only occasionally these days in front of a class and feel very lucky when I am because  there’s technology involved and fun is instantly on the agenda.  This week I was working with a class of P5/6 pupils on the topic of Olympic athletes.  They had previously done some research on the internet and each had produced a word document with some facts and had added in a photo.  This had been printed out and put up on the wall. 

That made me a bit despondent.  Part of my remit as Education ICT Officer is to help teachers embed ICT into all areas of the curriculum, to raise awareness of online, educational tools and resources as well as ensuring existing software on the school build is used to full effect. Looking at the word documents brought it home to me….I am not getting the message out to enough teachers and the pupils are missing out on the chance to build up much needed ICT skills.

We used ActivInpsire to create some flipcharts on the Olympic athlete they had previously selected.  The first 20 minutes were spent practising using the tool box and discussing which tools would be useful when presenting their work to the class.  (spotlight, screen, ticker tape, transluceny slide)  I set them a  test task to check their understanding of object layering and each pupil had to move round the class adding in something to everyone else’s flipchart.  If someone was strugggling, the pupil who showed up to add to their flipchart could then help.  I was part of the rotating group and so one of the stations ended was doing it on the interactive whiteboard.

By the end of the 90 minutes they had created great flipcharts with photos – (using the freehand camera tool), facts, quiz questions with answers hidden behind shapes/flags, embedded You Tube videos of the athletes using a TV image as the backdrop so you had to click on the On button to play the clip.

I lost 3 children at one point. They disappeared out the class to go show the next class what they were doing.  I had forgotten how alert teachers have to be 100% of the time!

By saving to their own area of the server, I was able to use the teacher’s log in to bring up the flipcharts and share with the whole class from the teacher’s laptop.  This was not a known option. It was an important thing  for peer review, discussion and to practise presentation skills.

Summer rethink on sharing information with school staff especially those less confident with ICT…..