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25.5.2012 #pedagoofriday pick of the week

So here is the pick of the week for #pedagoofriday. From enjoying learning in the the sunshine and feeling utterly engaged with maths, to making battenburg cake and being told you talk too much – they’re my favourite from this week! Great fun to hear about such inspirational ideas from you, even better to share!


Made first steps with my SOLO learning wall this week- year 8s choosing thinking tools and then reviewing with SOLO #pedagoofriday #solo
Zoe Taylor


#pedagoofriday Y5 followed german recipe for battenberg and then half baked 'em and others researched anglo-german friendship. 2B continued!


amazing freeze frames and thought tracking whilst learning about water, droughts and floods in LEDCs. Incredible #pedagoofriday


@: Today was perfect. Older children supporting younger children to improve their grounds and playing together. #pedagoofriday


What a day! 500 kids tackling tough issues using role models,diamond9, debono, spectacles! Great pedagogy, great enterprise! #PedagooFriday


My attempt at #solotaxonomy using hexagons looking at causes of Civil War #pedagoofriday
Sarah Daniel


Great way to end a Friday in the sun. Active Learning outside for S3 geography and recycling too. #pedagoofriday


#pedagoofriday It was my turn today for my solo talk in S1; pupil assessed me. "Miss, it was good but it was a bit longer than 4 minutes.."
Lexi Quest


#pedagoofriday Gr5 math lesson with a lot of noise/discussion going on, a voice sang out, "I never knew math could be so fun!"
Lindy Buckley