Beermeetlothians- What happened.

We had our first pedagoolothiansbeermeet yesterday evening at the Jolly Judge pub in Edinburgh’s old town.
A small group of us met up (it was an interesting game playing spot the teacher as a new person entered the bar) and had by all accounts a good couple of hours of teaching talk in the bar.
We discussed briefly who we were and what we were using in the classroom and how we found it impacted on the children we teach. As ever with a beermeet/pedagoo event it was honest chat with people happy to discuss what they found challenging and frustrating as well as what they found inspiring and awesome. (For my money this trust between pedagooers is a massive strength of the pedagoo community)
Some of the things we discussed were blogging, class dojo, games based learning, digital leaders and hopefully my fellow pedagoobeermeetlothianers will add other topics we discussed in comments below.
We decided on a date for our next meeting of Thursday 29th November (or pay day as it’s known in West Lothian) and the same time – 7 pm and venue. We thought we might bring a general topic to discuss, that being engagement and motivation, but we don’t want people to feel stressed by that – if you feel you have not much to bring to that topic, firstly you’re reading the pedagoo blog so you totally are engaging and motivating your classes (or you’re going to spam the comments section) and secondly it’s fine to come along and listen (we even engaged a non teacher from Slovakia in the chat last night, it was so interesting!!).
So, to summarise in our plenary, it was a great night with loads of great ideas to impact on our classes and we’d love you to come along to our next meeting. 29th November, 7pm. Jolly Judge pub.
Hope to see you there!

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