Buzz boards for creative learning…

Last summer I had the pleasure of reading Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Out of our minds’ book and was so inspired that I embarked on a mission to incorporate more creativity into lessons. One of my initial ideas was to use cards with random words on to stimulate creative thought (I can’t take full credit for this one as I read the idea from somewhere…can’t remember where though). The premise is that learners try to create a link between the word provided on the card and their subject – differentiated with easier and harder words to link to the topic.

Although I liked this idea, I decided that for it would be better and more stimulating for my learners if they had some generic pictures instead of the words – that way, the pictures could be interpreted in a way that suited the learners. So, I created a picture board, aptly named a ‘buzz board’ to use in sessions (see below).

I found that I could use buzz board in many situations and it created an environment that effectively aided creativity. Learners flourished in expanding on their answers to questions posed.

For example, when I asked a group of learners to provide an answer to ‘what factors impact your health?’, learners did not just give typical answers such as “watching TV means I am less active”, but they were able to expand on their answers and make links to things they wouldn’t consider, such as the advancements in technology and the coverage of things like the Olympics and other events resulted in more TV watching and less activity…etc. Whilst others linked in the poor economy suggesting that this results in less leisure time due to people working longer and harder and having less money to spend on activities etc. The answers went on!

Please watch this YouTube clip to get a better feel for them and try it in your own practice – of course give me feedback on how it goes!

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