Citizen Journalists An Update!

100% Student produced

This is one example of year 8 students ‘Freedom Newspaper’.  See my previous post about how I used project based learning and the 6A’s to plan the project for year 8 Humanities.  Students have also developed in their application of critique by giving each other warm and cool feedback (being Kind, Specific and Helpful) for their individual articles and their final newspapers.  This has enabled the students to revise and redraft their newspaper.  Each student had to contribute an article and the newspaper had to be 100% their original work.  SOLE’s and other questioning techniques were used in the planning stage and a student editor was appointed to oversee the project overall and make final editorial decisions.  Overall, the outcome has been successful, with many other good quality newspapers being produced across the faculty in comparison to the previous year.  Students will now be asked to reflect as learners, how the newspaper challenge has worked for them and a group using Claxtons 4R’s. The newspapers will now be displayed in the local community in cafes etc to give the work further authenticity.

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