Classrooms as Learning Communities – a guide to my professional journey #FabEduBooks

My favourite edubook is Classrooms as Learning Communities: What’s In It For Schools? by Chris Watkins.

Way back in the early days of Curriculum for Excellence, when Building the Curriculum 3 was published in particular, I began working on trying to develop teaching approaches which involved my students to a much greater extent in the learning and teaching process. In the beginning, I was just muddling through and making it up with the help of my class. I loved what I was trying to achieve, but I didn’t have a theoretical underpinning for it – or even a name for it!

Imagine my delight when someone recommended Classrooms as Learning Communities to me. Not only was it perfect for the sort of pedagogy I was trying to develop, it’s amazingly well written. It’s extremely personal in tone and it brilliantly blends theory with practice. It not only gave me a name for what it is I was striving for, it provided me with a vision for where I could take it and how to go about getting there.

For various reasons (primarily being out of the classroom due to secondment and illness) I’ve not yet got as far with turning my classroom into a learning community as I would’ve hoped (although I have made some progress recently), but I will continue to use this marvellous book to help get me there eventually.


Chris, the author of my fav edubook, has just let me know that he has a new website with lots of his resources on there:

You can even download the whole book discussed in my post *FOR FREE* from his site:

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