PedagooEventsAt Pedagoo, we see our community as sharing similar principles and goals as the TeachMeet movement. In fact, many of us have met through attending, presenting at, or even organising, TeachMeets. We’re therefore primarily trying to add a bit of variety and organise TeachMeets with a difference.

Pedagoo events are fun, focus on community building as a key outcome and take a constructivist approach to professional learning – in other words, rich dialogue between “presenters” and “participants” is a key priority in the planning of our events. Whereas the majority of TeachMeets tend to primarily have a combination of 7 or 2 minute presentations, Pedagoo events take a longer ‘Learning Conversation’ approach, normally in the region of 40 minutes in length. As well as the rich learning which take place on the day, Pedagoo events also aim to keep the conversation going by growing, and encouraging sharing through, our online community via and #PedagooFriday.

You can find links to past and upcoming Pedagoo events below, or you can submit your own by completing the following form. In order to use the Pedagoo name for your event, you need to be a member of and we’d just like to ask that your event…

  • is not for profit.
  • takes a longer format approach to sharing (i.e. primarily 30/40 minute Learning Conversations/Workshops as opposed to all 7/2 minute presentations – we’ve got nothing against TeachMeets, we’re just trying to add a bit of diversity to the mix).
  • is open to teachers from anywhere, even if primarily aimed at one particular area/local authority.

If you’re planning on running your own Pedagoo event, please first read this guide and then get in touch:


design credit: Katie Nawarth


PedagooOL at Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell 21.04.18


#PedagooHull18 at the University of Hull 14.04.18




Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen 17.03.18


Greenwood Conference Centre, Irvine 24.02.18


Saturday 17th June 2017, Dundee 10am – 2pm














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