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Happy New Year Pedagooers!

Pedagoo is now in it’s fourth year of existence and growing all the time. For all our new members, readers and enthusiasts I thought I’d try to capitalise on that New Year feeling and remind everyone that you’re all very welcome to contribute to our lovely collaborative blog. You don’t need an invite, but if you really feel as though you would rather be invited…then consider this your invite!

I’m convinced that everyone has an aspect of their teaching practice which is worth sharing with others, and the great thing is not only do others benefit from hearing about what you’ve been doing, you also benefit from the feedback also. Please don’t be shy…if it worked for you and your learners, then it’s worth sharing. Trust me.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 09.57.18But how do you go about writing a post I hear you ask? It’s dead easy…you just create an account then click on the little blog button at the top of the page. After that, it’s just like sending an email. Or, if you’d really rather share by actual email send your post to share@pedagoo.org and one of the fabby curator team will sort it for you.

Still not sure you’re ready? No probs. Why not start by sharing the highlight of your week as a tweet on a #PedagooFriday or signing up to attend one of our events.

Whatever way you choose to go about it, I would strongly encourage as many teachers as possible to consider making 2015 the year of sharing. By sharing our classroom practice with each other we all benefit and therefore our learners benefit also. Pedagoo is here to make that sharing easier so get stuck in!

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