Flipping – uncharted territory

Having recently started teaching a higher Biology class I am always trying to think of ways to liven up the “chalk and talk” approach that often gets lumbered upon higher classes due to time constraints. As we are starting a new topic after the Feb. break I am thinking now might be the opportune time to FLIP my classroom.

As I’m still debating it I thought I might open it up to the pedagoo community to supply me with thoughts about it!

The main reason I want to do it is to support my more and less able pupils. By removing the need to copy notes as we are going through it will remove the stage locked feeling allowing the more able to move forward and the less able the time to stop and go over content. I feel that by turning over the bulk of the learning to them it will really open up class time to iron out the kinks and use different approaches to search for meaning and demonstrate understanding.


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