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Ok – this post has been a long time in coming, but since Pedagoo Sunshine more and more have been asking about foldables…

I came across them via @KDWScience at the ASE Conference. I wasn’t fortunate to attend the workshop but Karen’s successful trials with this in her classroom sent me off on another hunt and I managed to get hold of a foldable manual freely available on the internet. Go to my blog post here to download it.

From this I have then applied it to my subject – science. The initial reaction from the pupils was enthusiasm as this was something different and in fact they were somewhat amused that a ‘science teacher’ could do ‘art’.

foldable 1

I had already made examples for the pupils and used these to show them the variety of foldables that they could complete.

The first step is to actually demonstrate how to make each type of foldable. That way they can actually see the process; then let them loose! So as a teacher – master it first… then model… then let them go! I gave them possible topics they could use for example, 4 factors affecting the rate of reaction.

The idea is that they put something on the front for example, a question, a title and underneath the flaps they write summaries, key ideas etc that they need to know. The ones here show rates of reaction factors for year 11 and covalent and ionic bonding. Any topic that can be divided into sections can be used. Two flaps – cause and effects, 10 flaps – 10 key terms on the top, with definitions underneath. The list is endless….

Pupils relished an alternative method of creating revision material and I was told by another member of staff that they were using the same methods in a different class so foldables clearly made an impression on them.

My favourite foldable was designed for pupils to use to revise the formulae they needed for their exams. Having made this one many told me that they were using it to test themselves!

Of course, you then get the customisation level as seen here where one year 11 proudly announced he had added handles to his ‘doors’.

photo 2However, I’m not the only one on the foldable fun…

Below is the ‘accordion foldable’ created by @JOHNSAYERS and he needs to blog post on this – when it pulled it out of his pocket at Pedagoo Sunshine there was an audible gasp… and he spent the day turning down valuable offers for it… I however worked out how to create one and then showed it to my year 10 – one pupil’s response

‘Miss, Will you run an arts and craft session at lunch so we can make these’ – this was a year 10 boy would was desperate for me to give him my model – but we resolved it by teaching him how to make his own… if it motivates my year 10 boys – it must be good!


My parting advice… try it for yourself… even if you only master 2 or 3 – then see what they do with them. And if I’m doing a teach meet, pedagoo etc near you – come along and ask me how to make them :o)


photo 5


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