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I co-admin a politics discussion site on Facebook called Aye Mac.

We’re not on Twitter. But discussion is fruitful. With respect to #scotedchat you could create a new event for each week. Or simply add a new question each day and people respond underneath. Lots of secondary teacher associations, probationers and NQT groups on Facebook too.

Happy to try this out early on, but also don’t want to complicate things.

Here is Staffroom:

I didn’t make the PedagooPrimary. I was away 2 weekends that month with work and with primary teachers. Just the wrong timing for me, unfortunately. But I do think Primary suffers from a lack of focus in not having things like teacher associations etc. Be good to encourage more teachmeets and pedagoos. But I like having everyone there together. Learning across the divide!

There is this happening down south -

Very different in nature to TeachMeet and Pedagoo (e.g. here are the BEST primary teachers in the WORLD) which in principal I’m less keen on. But very swayed by such a mass meeting of primary teachers giving over their Saturday to talk about teaching and learning.