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Gary Walsh

Thanks Athole

Hear hear to Caradh being brilliant last week. It couldn’t have been a better start!

Thanks for doing one this week Athole. I would offer to do it but I am at the John Byrne Awards this Thursday night in Edinburgh 🙂

Google form would be great. I think keeping it simple is key i.e. Date – Chat Title – Host – Summary

That way it can serve both as an open/flexible timetable and also an archive with links to summary blogs.

Crowd sourcing questions – great idea

Ok I’ll do the chat on 19th plus #slowchat and see how it goes. I’ll start promoting from Monday 16th.

I think all the topics suggested are brilliant including yours above, previous suggestions in this thread plus suggestions coming through on #ScotEdChat itself. It’s almost a bit overwhelming but signals that this is needed and presents a great opportunity.

How about a group of pupils hosting a ‘pupil voice’ session?

And how about 4) Not worrying about stepping on people’s toes and just cracking on! 🙂