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Darren Leslie

Yes!! Scottish Education is certainly suitably ambitious. I for one, as an NQT, am suitably ambitious. I am taking my first tentative steps into the world of education and I believe hand on heart that Scottish Education is going in the right direction and we should be aiming for the stars. We are aiming to create pupils that are hungry to learn, hungry to improve, hungry for success and importantly hungry to succeed. Is this where we are now? most likely not, but can we get there? most definitely yes. The main challenge to this is only ourselves. By this i mean teachers. Isn’t this our golden opportunity to really teach they way we dreamed when we first filled in that application to teaching college? I filled my first one in many years ago (6 to be precise) and i was discouraged by a small minority of my own teachers and they all asked me ‘why?’. My answer is simple, i love working with pupils and i have a desire to improve their lives to connect with them and to make them want to learn, to want to perform well in PE (my subject, incidentally) and to want to better themselves whether it is in the classroom, the sports field or in the pursuit of their dream job. Going back to the question this is a golden opportunity that we must grasp if we want to improve the lives of our young people for years to come and our main challenge is ourselves and our fellow teachers. We have all had negative conversations regarding CfE, we have all seen teachers simply tick the Es and Os to fit their current courses and we have all seen teachers decide that they are too old and they have already reinvented the wheel. In terms of international recognition, we already have some main figures in very important positions across the globe but if we want our future pupils to be competitive in what is becoming an international market we must ensure that we prepare them properly and it is up to us to ensure this happens. What our curriculum should do is prepare our young people for whatever may come their way. Do we need a direction for our education system could it not be left open for our young people to pursue their dreams. Does it matter if they want to be salt of the earth, hard working, 9 to 5 individuals or high flying, globe trotting rock stars, should our curriculum not support these pupils. I agree with both previous comments in that there is a lot of negativity around and a lot of people working in the wrong direction, and a lot of people in powerful positions going in the wrong direction. Having said that i have also met a lot of forward thinking open individuals who have a vision for CfE and Scottish Education, i hope I am one of them and that together we can really make CFE and Scottish Education a powerhouse of world education. Can it happen? or am i simply an NQT with ideas above my station?