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Lots to say on this, but one thing that immediately strikes me is that second question: Is Scottish education sufficiently ambitious?

It’s a loaded question in so many ways, and goes right to the heart of what we think Scottish Education should be. To borrow a phrase, what is the Purpose of Scottish Education?

Is education’s role to provide workers for the future, and if so, do we have a clear vision of what that work will be? Or is it to help learner’s become learners so they can approach the future with the ability to adapt and thrive?

Also, what is it that defines it as ‘Scottish’ education as opposed to simply ‘education’?

There are so many nuances to this question that I’m going to have to think about it and come back, but for now, I’ll simply say that I believe there is a disconnect between what many would wish Scottish Education to be, and the realities of how we’re going to get there. I’m hearing too many people trying to take what they already do and adapt it (as little as possible) in order for it to ‘fit’ the new National standards. I believe this is indicative of one of the basic problems education everywhere faces: we have allowed our accountability to become more important than the needs of those we teach.

I do believe there is a desire to make changes for the better, but they are being hampered by those with limited — or backwards facing — vision.

Much more to come on this one!

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