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Susan Wood

One prime example is from very early on in my career. A certain young chap was underachieving in all areas in school. However, he was achieving in all areas of criminality and was very well known to the local constabulary! To say he was disengaged from learning would be an understatement… We struck a deal one day. I gave him alternatives to the work the class were doing. Sometimes, it would even be as straightforward as copying out of a book! But he was always doing something that would enhance his learning, whether he knew it or not. In the end, Mod Studs was one of just 3 SG’s he sat, and he got a 5 – his highest grade. I was so proud of him, and was happier with that than the raft of Credit grades the rest of the class achieved. It’s still one of my biggest achievements and I often wonder what happened to him.