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Ok, so BeerMeet last night then, what did we discuss?

We discussed some of the logistics…i.e. I need to find out what the accommodation is like exactly and what the minimum booking is, we’re going to have a quiz, and we might organise drinks through the cash & carry somehow as well. We also discussed that we’d like to get at least 25 folk ideally, but 20 as an absolute minimum – get tapping on shoulders & twisting arms folks!

However, the main outcome from last night was around the purpose of the weekend. John (@MrSMathsWizard) raised an interesting idea that I was really taken by. One of the worries that John, and I, have about the videos we produce is – what are they going to be used for? What is their purpose exactly? Who’s going to watch them and what impact will they have? John suggested that the purpose of the weekend should be a retreat for those of us who care enough about our particular theme to go away and develop a strategy, and some resources, to be able to go back to our colleagues in our own institutions and persuade others of our way of thinking.

This way, whilst we still might make videos, they would have a much clearer purpose – as would the weekend. The videos would be designed to be useable in schools/colleges/universities with our colleagues as part of some sort of CPD event we’d be leading on. This way it’s much more likely to have a sustainable impact, and should prove to be a much richer experience for us professionally also.

As I say, I really am taken by this suggestion. What do others think?