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After a wee think, here are my thoughts to some of Fearghal’s questions:

What do you want to achieve? – A more organised and effective approach to feedback which allows it to be instant, useful and able to be used in a formative way. And to cut down on the time I currently spend on feedback!

What would success look like from the pupils’ perspective? – fast, specific, easy to apply, and effective in that there is clear improvement

How do you intend to make the change? – Thinking about how I can be more structured with verbal feedback so that it can be collated by pupils and USED(I’ll need to get back to you on that one), creating more opportunities for verbal feedback, getting peers involved, and encouraging pupils to be critical of my feedback to enable meaningful dialogue

Difficulties? – Finding ways to generate time in class so that I can do this. Especially with some of the pretty big classes I have this year. Hope to overcome this by getting lots of ideas from Pedagooers!

What do I do now? – Lots and lots of written feedback. Verbal feedback is unstructured and often goes right out of pupils minds 10 minutes later! But the idea is for this to change in 2013…