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    I thought I might as well make use of this snow day and get started on my two PedagooResolutions.

    First- let me introduce myself. I am a secondary English teacher (KS3/KS4) in an inner-city school in Birmingham, currently in the position of Lead Practitioner- Interventions. I still feel a bit unsteady and unproductive in this role and I hope that interacting/collaborating with other professionals here and on twitter, @mrsmdatherton (another toe-dipping experience), will allow me help improve the results of pupils in my school, while faced with limited resources.

    Following the ‘suggested approach’, I will start with what I want to achieve through improving critique in my lessons.

    What do you want to achieve and why?
    I would like to see my pupils develop more resilience and independence. A concern many of our pupils convey to us, once leaving my school (there is no sixth form), is they do not receive the same level of support (ie. spoon-feeding due to league-table/floor-target pressures) in their new endeavours as they did under our guidance, and they struggle to keep up with their peers. I want my pupils to leave KS4 feeling confident, equipped with the skills needed to thrive in post-16 study. Enabling them to critique their own work and the work of others beyond ‘That was really good’ or ‘You could write more’, is one way to better prepare my pupils for what comes next.

    What would success look like from the pupils’ perspective?
    From the pupils’ perspective, they will have a clear understanding of what is expected and how to move forward, constantly. I hope pupils will learn not to ‘settle’ but to constantly push themselves to refine/hone work. I hope pupils will show confidence in questioning/critiquing their own work and the work of others.

    How do you intend to make the change?
    Our school is currently on a ‘showing progress’ push, to prepare for Ofsted. Across the school, WWW/EBI is being employed. In lessons, I aim to model how to use apply success criteria to WWW/EBI comments, showing pupils how to focus their comments to help themselves and others move forward. I aim, as well, to remember to include time for pupils to act on feedback. I have gorged on ‘edu-lit’ since September as well, and am trying to use various ideas on feeback/critique from these texts in lessons as well.

    What difficulties might you encounter?
    Time- for my own feedback, for students to give feedback and more importantly, to act on feedback.

    What would help address these difficulties?
    Changing the way marking/feedback is completed- there are many ideas out there- I just need to try them out.

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