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    Hi everyone. I’ve just posted my first reflections on SOLO taxonomy on the main Pedagoo blog and on my own blog (I wasn’t sure where to put them). I’m very much taking a ‘beginner’s guide’ approach, as much as to keep me right as to help others. Please feel free to read and chip in ideas as you see fit.

    I’m busy working on a specific lesson for revision of the play An Inspector Calls using SOLO, but I wondered if I should introduce the concept first? Any ideas from anyone with more knowledge on how to use SOLO in the class?

    Lucie Golton

    Depends on how you want to do it.. I have also blogged about where I started with solo – I often introduce the terminology to the pupils and ensure they understand that its fine to not know something. I also explain that it is a way of helping them understand how to improve their answers. For some pupils I’ve taken 5-6 lessons then looked at the work and helped them understand SOLO by looking at the work they have produced and discussing what level it is at and how we move it forward. Which approach depends on what you are comfortable with.


    Thanks for that. I’ve got an “Integrated Tasks” class this term who will be ‘Learning to Learn’ (not my choice!). They could be an ideal class to look at the concept of SOLO, while I can try applying it with my S3 class in a practical way… Looks like I’m going to be cutting out lots of hexagons this week! (I’ll explain that in my second post for those that don’t have a clue what I’m talking about!)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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