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    Lucie Golton

    I’m a trained School Based Trainer for Cooperative Learning and was actually trained by Laurie Kagan. Due to a variety of issues CL dropped off my radar at work but I now want to get it back up and running in my classroom to get pupils back into active learning. Too many of mine are passive, spoonfed learners who do not talk to each other -this has to change if they are to be successful at school and beyond. I’m happy to share ideas, advice and resources with anyone starting out on this approach and help be your guide to making it successful.

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    I love Cooperative Learning but am at a similar stage in terms of my students and I are just starting out really. I have done the first four days of training and would really like to be a Kagan trainer. My classes have generally responded well to Kagan but I have learned to drip feed it in rather than throw everything at them at once. My top set have taken to it a lot better than my bottom set year 9s as their social skills are so much better so that they inherently work better as a team. Any advice on building social skills in the classroom greatly appreciated!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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