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    Flipping my classroom has been something I’ve read about and thought about a few times but haven’t gotten round to trying so this will give me the urge to go for it 🙂

    – what do you want to achieve?
    A group of learners who feel confident that they can take their own notes from a resource without me spoon feeding them!
    Less of a stage locked feeling with parts of lessons for some pupils.
    More time to spend helping pupils who are struggling and allowing those who feel confident to continue progressing without feeling held back by others.

    – why do you want to achieve it?
    to allow a little bit more autonomy to lessons and to encourage a little more responsibility amongst some learners

    – what would success look like from the pupils’ perspective?
    able to get more of time with teacher if needed, able to move on at own pace without waiting on teacher

    – how do you intend to make the change?
    starting with a small section of the lesson which has been “flipped” to see how it goes

    – what difficulties might you encounter?
    pupils not doing the work at home
    time to make resources

    – what would help address these difficulties?
    allowing pupils time to catch up during class / lunches or by giving class time tasks as homework to those pupils.

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