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    Who will do what and when?



    I’m happy to help lead early weeks to get it going. But also highlight other people who might be interested in sharing their educational work / vision.

    Also, happy to pitch in with geeky graphics and design stuff too.



    Happy to lead whenever.  Would feel a bit more confident about doing so for any theme, if we were able to invite others to contribute to the kickstarting of the discussions.  I am not a blogger!

    I would be happy to seek out/collate potential contributors for themes and invite them to get involved with writing a discussion blog.

    Also, I think Gary was drafting a blog to summarise all the discussions that we have had to date.



    I think there is probably a need for a Facebook page. If only to link to and post the chats.

    I read this Fearghal.

    I’m a primary teacher myself and most primary teachers I know (in Scotland) are on Facebook or Pinterest. There is a Scottish CfE Facebook site for primary called Staffroom which has 10,000 members!



    I’m going to fire this to some people, to see if they want to pitch in with ideas.



    I didn’t know about that Facebook group…wow! Pedagoo has a Facebook page, but it doesn’t do very much…only 644 ‘likes’ compared to 25,000+ twitter followers!

    It’d be great to promote #ScotEdChat on Facebook, but it’s hard to actually have discussions on there I think…

    I’m happy to help out in any way I can, including leading some slow chats. I think I offered to do one on the NIF early on, but I think if would be better if Gary did one of the early ones if possible…?

    Did you go #PedagooPrimary Athole?



    I co-admin a politics discussion site on Facebook called Aye Mac.

    We’re not on Twitter. But discussion is fruitful. With respect to #scotedchat you could create a new event for each week. Or simply add a new question each day and people respond underneath. Lots of secondary teacher associations, probationers and NQT groups on Facebook too.

    Happy to try this out early on, but also don’t want to complicate things.

    Here is Staffroom:

    I didn’t make the PedagooPrimary. I was away 2 weekends that month with work and with primary teachers. Just the wrong timing for me, unfortunately. But I do think Primary suffers from a lack of focus in not having things like teacher associations etc. Be good to encourage more teachmeets and pedagoos. But I like having everyone there together. Learning across the divide!

    There is this happening down south -

    Very different in nature to TeachMeet and Pedagoo (e.g. here are the BEST primary teachers in the WORLD) which in principal I’m less keen on. But very swayed by such a mass meeting of primary teachers giving over their Saturday to talk about teaching and learning.



    I’ve set this up as a mock up. could be used simply  to promote Twitter chat and share weekly blog posts. Or potentially for those who don’t use Twitter to chat too???




    Okay – I think we have managed to pin down the date as 5th November.


    However, not sure what the finalised theme is… there was a lot of chat in the “Themes” forum and I had kind of discounted my earlier questions on HGIOS as being too specific.

    Perhaps we could review conversations on the #ScotEdThemes and see where we are?


    I am happy to host a “warm up” chat in the first instance if that is what is decided (Athole – I am not sure if this was what you were referring to in tweet or the earlier suggestions).  I quite like the idea of Gary launching the slow chat with “Whole Child”/Character as the theme.  I think I would prefer to see a run through before hosting a bigger issue? I am not a blogger and would prefer to seek others out to contribute/stimulate the discussion on particular aspects over the course of a week.  I am happy to dip my toe in the blogging world to then summarise and collate discussions.


    Anyone fancy drafting a “How to” guide to hosting #ScotEdChat?


    I like Fearghal’s logo – will we just go with this?


    Think we need some executive decisions asap so that we can start drumming up business through the @ScotEdChat account and retweeting like crazy.

    What do you all think?



    I’m a bit confused about the starting on a Thursday bit. If it’s a stand alone chat that works fine, but how does it work for the slow chat? Or are we alternating? So, suggestion…

    Week 1: Thurday – hour chat – theme with questions. 3 questions or more over an hour. Storify of the responses.

    (1st question 8:00, 2nd question 8:20, 3rd question 8:40)

    Week 2: Hosted Slow chat. How about 3 questions – Mon, Tues, Wed. Live chat on the Thursday. Round up and blog at sometime over the weekend.

    And keep alternating it.

    What do ya think?



    I like the thought of a mix between slow and fast chats. Think we should do slow chat once a month to avoid Fearghal’s concerns re burnout. Our fast chats might actually help generate future slow chats.

    I am happy to host our first fast chat then on 5th November.

    Next… Questions…





    Thursday 5th Nov 8.30pm-9.30pm


    Weekly Fast Chat and storified

    Monthly Slow Chat and blog


    Fast Chat – C Pert

    Slow Chat- Gary?




    Fearghal’s design

    Everyone happy so far?



    Check. Happiness comfirmed! Carry on… ?

    So what is Thursday’s theme going to be?

    Then we can start bombarding the web. I can put it out on Facebook too. As a signpost to the Twitter chat.

    Almost there…




    Well… I thought I had passed this hot potato but…

    there is a Twitter chat with Angela Constance on NIF on Tuesday. Do you think we should follow up with this?

    Think it will need further exploration through a slow chat at a later date but might draw the crowds in?


    Or alternative view…chat on Tuesday would make it repetitive?



    Sounds perfect. Can you ping me the link on Twitter to the Nif chat. Did Angela advertise it herself?

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