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    Time to organise a get together!

    Where?: Thinking “Sandemans” in the centre of Perth as we can find a space for blethers, it has free wifi so people can bring laptops/iPads/etc, and the beer and food aren’t too extortionate

    When?: January 31st (aka: payday) at about 6:30/7 o’clock-ish.

    What?: This will be the first meeting of the PKC Pedagoo Group and PKC Pedagurus so, as well as sharing some of the things we’ve been doing in class, I thought we might want to focus on:

    • What do we want/ need from our local Pedagoo group?
    • How can we achieve these wants/ needs?
    • Possibilities for Pedagatherings/ teachmeets/ beermeets?

    And there will no doubt be lots of tangents.

    Please chip in suggestions for anything you’d like to talk about, and also suggestions for a better venue if you prefer. This is your Pedagoo Local, so you get to decide! 😉

    Come along and join the conversation… and bring any colleagues who you think might enjoy the chance to share and learn.

    Let’s do it!

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    I’m in!
    Agree that Sandemans is probably the best venue in terms of space / noise levels.
    Looking forward to putting faces to names and making the most of the New Year enthusiasm levels.


    Yay! That’ll be at least 2 of us! Think Mark McShane will be up for an appearance as well. I will need to check the dates for my parent nights as well… 😉

    Pauline Ward

    Hi, did you ever get a local Pedagoo group going?
    If not do you fancy trying again?


    Hello fellow Pkc pedagooists – if any of you would like to meet up I’d be interested.

    Pauline Ward

    If we keep going we might get others onboard eventually. Can you DM me on twitter @gruffthree

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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