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    What could be the discussion themes for #ScotEdChat?



    My thoughts at the moment for a starter theme?  Happy to take any feedback.
    Warm Up question (This Thursday?)
    How can we encourage more Scottish based educators to see the value and engage in using social media as a tool for CLPL?

    Slow Chat Theme – HGIOS4

    2.3 Learning, Teaching and Assessment
    How can we involve learners in planning their learning?
    How can we develop children and young people’s metacognition to ensure that they can engage in meaningful self- and peer-assessment to improve their learning?
    What does high quality feedback look like and how can we ensure that learners are actively engaging with it to improve their learning?
    What are the challenges faced when trying to ensure that learners’ achievements in and out of school are recorded and recognised?
    How can we develop learner’s understanding of how these achievements help them to develop knowledge and skills for life, learning and work?

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    Some of my own suggested themes included:

    • What impact, if any, will the National Improvement Framework have on Scottish Education?
    • What does effective digital learning look like, and how can it be achieved in Scottish schools?
    • Where next for Curriculum for Excellence?
    • What impact, if any, does policy have on learning? How do we know?
    • Masters-level learning for teachers post-Donaldson…is it happening, if not how can it be achieved?

    Those all look like great themes with plenty of scope for discussion.


    Some theme suggestions of my own:

    • Transition: it still feels like a lame duck. How can we fix it?
    • Votes at 16: what can we do to engage ALL young people in building a healthy, democratic future?
    • Social justice and children’s rights: do we practice what we preach?
    • Fire up the tartan Delorean! Scotland 2020: what do we want education to look like, feel like etc?
    • How should we teach children to read?
    • Parental engagement.
    • Getting groups of students from a 1)school 2) college 3)university etc. to choose a theme.

    These are fab Athole!

    Gary Walsh

    Great themes! Some of my suggestions would be:

    • How do we educate for the ‘whole person’ in Scottish education?
    • What is education, and what is it for?
    • Schools as a central site for creative collaboration: (working with parents, communities, youth work, business, 3rd sector)
    • Should Scottish education have a kindergarten stage?
    • ’21st century skills’: what are they & what is the role of education in developing them?

    All of these questions are fab – think some of my earlier suggestions might be too specific??  I do still think the last two questions would be good for encouraging other sectors to join the chat.

    Some other potential themes:

    • Is “Getting It Right For Every Child” improving outcomes for Children, Young People and their Families?
    • Young people, Social Media and the impact on self-esteem- A 21st Century Problem?
    • Family Learning – what is it? Sharing good practice and ideas for future opportunities.
    • Pupil Voice in Scotland – have we moved beyond tokenism?
    • Teacher Agency – What is it? Why is it important? Can we achieve it in Scottish Education?





    Brilliant stuff. There is a whole year of themes here at least. Almost. Sorted!

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