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    Just wondering how others are using Edmodo. I’ve started using it with my S2 class. I’m trying to encourage my pupils to talk Maths(I’m a secondary maths teacher), both inside the classroom and outside of it, to help each other and to learn from each other too.

    I’ve posted homework and links to websites that might them with the homework for them to go in search of the answer themselves, hopefully to encourage them to become more independent.

    Its early days yet, a few pupils have posted questions relating to the homeworks, but I needs to review any posts so there is a delay for pupils being able to communicate.

    It would be great to hear from other users of Edmodo on their experiences. Good and bad.”

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    I used Edmodo for my ICT lessons, it was really good as it allowed me to give feedback in detail and get a corrected version. However, I’ve been forced to revert to paper. So I have no got to get all my students to print for the sake of it and write feedback. But I only let them print when it is perfect?


    I’ve found Edmodo an excellent tool for getting resources out to students (videos, PDFs, links). I’ve started using it to set multiple choice questions as a quick weekly assessment. Still haven’t found a good way to get written home works completed online though.


    I use Edmodo to deliver tasks to my Grade 12 Visual Arts class. This includes iBooks, keynotes, YouTube links, video, questionnaires, quizzes, calendars, links to Google Drive where essays are submitted and marked, any messages I need to get to them, past exam papers and memos and more!  Everything we do is on Edmodo.  This means they can be anywhere in the world and, as long as they have wifi, they can access their work and supplementary resources.  I don’t use it for submissions as the students did not buy in.  They prefer Google Drive.


    Have you tried using the apps? I like Blendspace, where you can create a lesson ‘canvass’. It’s a set of links to files, websites, videos, anything to act as a stimulus. You can use Blendspace to produce the learning resources and then set a multiple choice quiz on the Edmodo page.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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2 thoughts on “Using Edmodo

  1. Gemma Harvey

    I have been using it for my yr 10 gcse groups. It has been great for giving them revision pp and links, and they like the instant feedback they get on their exam practice. I have also used the poll feature, great for a starter or plenary. There have been a few who have not submitted the work in the time allowed and that has meant their work was not saved, but they soon learnt the importance of timing themselves.
    Over all I am finding it really useful and easy to set a variety of quizzes, and the pupils like the format, which is always a bonus.

  2. gflscotland

    I am interested in this: I am using Edmodo as a way of having some closed group space online to share learning, expeirences and thoughts in a simple way.
    So far it seems very intuative and simple. I can only hope that my learners (all teachers) agree and start using the spaces.
    I will check back in and let you know how it goes.

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