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    Well. Hello. What’ll we do? Shall we havea teachmeet? Or better still, a beermeet?

    Darren Leslie

    Judith, I would be up for both. How do i get more involved? would there be a role for me (no matter how small) as an NQT in the borders?


    Hi Darren! Yes! Where are you based?

    Stewart Brown

    With the Scottish Borders Learning Festival being all but cancelled would love to try and get a TeachMeet organised…

    Darren Leslie

    Judith, i am based at eyemouth high school for my NQT probation year. Where are you based?


    A teachMeet woul be brilliant but I take the reason behind cancelling the festival as very valid and wonder if it would impact on the success of a TeachMeet? BeerMeet to organise?

    Darren I’m in Earlston High – I teach English. Would central Borders be a pain for a BeerMeet for you?

    Stewart Brown

    ” Growing demands on staff time and resources, both at school and Local Authority level over the next year as we move to a critical phase of CfE planning and implementation means that we will not be able to support an event such as a learning festival to the extent it requires.”

    To be honest don’t think the reasons for cancelling really impacts on the potential for a teachmeet. I think it was more when you compare what East Lothian achieved with their learning festival it would have taken a great deal to match that.


    Real question moving forward is how do we get more people involved? Beermeet is probably a good start…

    Darren Leslie

    It wouldn’t be a pain at all. Would obviously hinder the beer element but that’s not the point I’d imagine. I’m based outside of Duns and more than happy to travel. Earlston has such a beautiful building and a friend of mine is probation pe. Also a friend of mine is on placement pe.


    Brilliant, Darren!

    Hi Stewart. I also, genuinely, think that the support for attending would be hard to garner as we are moving towards our first presentation of pupils at Nat 4 and Nat 5 (or deciding what level is to be sat, at least). However, a teachmeet is a great idea. How about a teachmeet 365, like a beermeet but with an agenda and an element of sharing? Will start a new thread.

    Martyn Call

    Yes to a beermeet! Would be a great place to start planning a possible teachmeet if everyone saw the merit in holding one. Perhaps with Nats coming in a teachmeet could look at aspects of those.

    Guys – should I start looking into venues and times? How would mid to end of october suit folks? Friday? Saturday? sunday lunch?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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