Han(dy) SOLO Stuff

Once an English Teacher, always an English teacher: my apologies for the title…

Totally Pun-tastic.

Thanks to the amazing @lisajaneashes,  we definitely had our appetites whetted to find out more about #SOLO in our group at #tmSLFringe12

Afterwards in the bar, @neilwinton and @kennypieper ‘volunteered’ me to write about my #solo adventures with my Higher English class,(thanks, guys) –  but while I’m getting on with that, I thought I’d send the link to my Pinterest page with lots of links to follow for those of you keen to find out more about it…

So here you go – enjoy! It’s definitely the kind of thing that the more you read about the more exciting it becomes

– Or maybe I’m just a geek!

Anyway thanks to @totallywired77 and @lisajaneashes for setting me off on this journey.


I promise –  Neil & Kenny –  that the #EngSolo post is imminent 🙂

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