What is this all about?

#PedagooWorcs is on. Building on the success of Pedagoo’s many events, #PedagooWorcs will provide a collaborative, dialogue-based professional learning experience to any and all teachers and support staff in the Worcester area who wish to attend, supported by ongoing learning throughout the year on Attendance at this event will be free! This event is part of #PedagooLocal TakeOver 2015.

What’s a PedagooLocal event?

Pedagoo events are TeachMeets with a difference. They’re all about teachers coming together to share their practice, but we take a longer format approach to this sharing. Larger Pedagoo events are run by the PedagooCurator team, but any teacher can run a PedagooLocal event for their local area as long as they can agree to the vision outlined here. PedagooLocal events are supported by, but not organised by, Pedagoo.

When and where will it be?

#PedagooWorcs will take place from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 26th September 2015 at King’s School, Worcester.

What will it look like?

Pedagoo events take a workshop rather than a presentation approach. To reflect this and encourage discusion we ask teachers to “lead a Discursive Workshop”. We first asked teachers to sign up to lead a workshop and now we have opened the event to everyone else and you can now choose which workshops you would like to join in with.

In true Pedagoo-style this will not be a series of lectures but a day of conversations in which everyone is encouraged to get involved. Active not passive.

Programme for the Day

10.30 Coffee/tea on arrival
11.00 Welcome and Keynote address
11.30 Session A
12.20 Session B
1.00 Lunch*
2.00 Session C
2.50 Session D
3.30 Plenary

*To minimise costs and to prevent the need for corporate sponsorship, we are not providing lunch. Participants may bring their own, or may choose to eat at one of many fine eateries that lie within easy walking distance.  Details of nearby cafes and restaurants are here

In order to put a local ‘flavour’ on the event, so we will host a vintage tea party afterwards in the King’s school grounds. We will be inviting everyone to bring a ‘pedagoo’ inspired cake for a ‘Bake Off’ style competition!


Keynote Address: Dr Matt O’Leary

We are delighted to announce Dr Matt O’Leary as our Keynote speaker for #PedagooWorcs. Matt has more than 20 years experience in education, as a teacher, Head of Department, co-founder of CRADLE (Centre for Research and Development in Lifelong Education), Principle Lecturer in Post-Compulsory Education at University of Wolverhamption and Reader of Education at Birmingham City University. Matt’s specific area of expertise is the professional development of teachers and its relationship with education policy.  As author of ‘Classroom Observation, a guide to the effective observation of teaching and learning’, Matt is probably best known for his work on lesson observations and is recognised as one of the first researchers in education to investigate and challenge graded lesson observation.

For details of each of our presenters and their workshops click here!

Session A:

  1. Nick Pilborough (King’s School, Worcester)  ‘Flipped Learning’
  2. Simon Beasley (Christopher Whitehead Language College)  ‘A year of research on Growth Mindset’
  3. Olivia Levez & Sarah Dukes (The Chase High School ) ‘Know your colon from your semi! Creative ways with grammar’
  4. Lee Card (Cherry Orchard Primary School)  ‘Assidere. To sit beside, or to s(h)it upon. Assessment: a crisis of identity’

Session B:

  1. Simon Colley (Cherry Orchard Primary School) ‘The Same Journey; Teachers learning alongside students’
  2. Becca Thomas (Cherry Orchard Primary Schools) ‘Thinking Skills’
  3. Duncan King (King’s School, Worcester)  ‘Making it stick; helping students to learn smarter’
  4. Adrian Price (Tenbury High School)  ‘Life after Levels: Keep Calm and Feedback!’
  5. Andrew Denton (DeMontfort School, Evesham)  ‘Improving learning through student leadership’

Session C:

  1. Rachael Stevens (Christopher Whitehead Language College)  ‘New ways forward with lesson observation’
  2. Andrea Taylor (South Bromsgrove High)  ‘Sharing is caring; encouraging a culture of professional dialogue’
  3. Simon Butler (University of Worcester)  ‘The art of the silent debate; extending thinking and learning’
  4. Katie Beever (King’s School, Worcester) ‘Practical Strategies for Academic Challenge in the Classroom’
  5. Anna Cunliffe & Gareth James (South Bromsgrove High School) ‘Creating a positive classroom, inside and out’

Session D:

  1. Liz Morgan (Chadsgrove School) ‘Supporting the SEND child in the mainstream classroom; practical tips and advice’
  2. Neil Morris & Khalil Hussein (Christopher Whitehead Language College) ‘The Teenage Brain!’
  3. James Siddle (South Bromsgrove High) ‘No nonsense Behaviour Management techniques. All killer, no filler.’
  4. Simone Haughey (Robin Hood Primary School)  ‘Practical and fun approaches to languages in the primary classroom’
  5. Jonathan Bailey (King’s St Alban’s Primary) ‘Computer curriculum: is it fit for purpose?  Are we doing enough?

You can now sign up to attend #PedagooWorcs! Attendees are asked to sign up for a first and second choice workshop per session.  Efforts will be made to accommodate all workshop requests, but numbers are capped at 30 people per workshop and places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  In the event that your preferred workshop is full, the organisers will offer an alternative.

Use the numbers above to choose your workshops when signing up using the form below.

Keep it all together!

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The contact person for #PedagooWorcs is Andrea Taylor.