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  • Thank you for your kind words, Lena! I do get called Polly sometimes, so please don’t apologise!


  • Having two weeks off has allowed me to spend some much needed time with my son and with my family. My son will be starting school in August and thinking about what the future holds has resulted in me being quite […]

    • Hello Polly
      Thanks for this honest and very interesting post. I think that the very fact that you have written it is evidence that you are a reflective practitioner and doing all you can to be the best you can be; learning from the pupils and from your own successes and challenges, self-evaluating and looking for example of good practice from others.

      I have written in a recent post about the challenges of being a ‘good enough’ teacher and in another about the crucial place of relationships in what we do.

      The fact that we work with groups of individuals where dynamics can change on a daily basis mean that we will always be faced with challenges to our effectiveness and skill as teachers. Our class today will never be quite the same as it is tomorrow. What works today may not tomorrow because child A may have fallen out with child B or child C’s dog may have died.
      If I were a master baker, I would be able to bake a perfect cake today and repeat it tomorrow, next week and next year. But as a teacher, it is my craft to bake a new cake every day with slightly varying ingredients.

      To me it sounds as if you are well on the way to mastery of our craft!

      One small tip that changed my practice a few years back (and embarrassingly late in my career!) came from AiFL and was around the question ‘do you plan activities to fill time or do you plan for learning?’. I realised that I was guilty of doing the former and made some significant changes.

      Other than that, I would congratulate you on what you are doing and urge to keep going, keep connecting with others and keep positive!


    • Oops…. Sorry if I have called you Polly when it should be Pauline! I thought I had seen Polly somewhere on the Facebook post but maybe not!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Lena! I do get called Polly sometimes, so please don’t apologise!


  • Very well written, Gavin, and a succinct summary of the day, maybe you can organise the next one.


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