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  • Pedagoo sits alongside TeachMeet as a practice-sharing, not-for-profit movement run by teachers for teachers. Hop over to to learn more about TeachMeet and how you can get involved.

    At Pedagoo, we see our community as sharing similar principles and goals as the TeachMeet movement. In fact, many of us have met through attending, presenting at, or even organising, TeachMeets. We’re th […]

  • What’s this all about?
    Wee Pedagoo is the pocket-sized version of Pedagoo. Small but perfectly formed, a Wee Pedagoo event is about carving out a wee space for a very big conversation. Set the topic, grab some t […]

  • What is Pedagoo?

    Pedagoo is a growing community of teachers collaboratively supporting, encouraging and sharing innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning. We aim to improve outcomes for our […]

  • And so we have reached the last week of term. I wonder if you, like me, have an advanced case of end-of-term-itis. This is a worryingly infectious condition that affects millions of teachers at this time of year. […]

  • I was at child protection training today. It is never the most enjoyable of training experiences but clearly, it is essential we do it. The presenter urged us to be ‘professionally curious’. To wonder why a chi […]

  • Good things come in small packages.
    Talking about teaching and learning is a magical thing. Get a bunch of teachers together and they spark off one another like pieces of flint. Inspiring, creative, curious […]

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    It’s been a busy week. Busy at school, busy at home.

    The ‘to do’ list has kept growing and it has felt like every time I crossed something off at the top of the list, another four things have appear […]

  • I was unloading the dishwasher yesterday and I dropped a mug. Not just any mug either; it was my brand new, most favourite mug (it’s dinosaur mug, by the way, but a cool one, obviously). Seconds before it smashed […]

    • What a great way to describe how teachers can share their experiences in the classroom. As a fan of football I know how it feels to score a goal (at non league level) and the level of congratulations and support you get from your colleagues. I am also aware that there were times in a game that support arrived in a fashion not suited for everyone. So it is important to remember this when sharing ideas with colleagues on how they can improve. It sounds like it will be a great event, I hope all goes well. 🙂

    • Although I’ve known about pedagoo for a long time, I’ve never been to a pedagoo event. Since Susan has been brave enough to organise this, and I am free on that Saturday morning, I’m keen to support it. Hope to see other Borders colleagues there.

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