Pedagoo Moderators

Pedagoo is first and foremost about all the fantastic teachers who contribute to the site, #PedagooFriday and our events. This includes our lovely members, but also those who use the site but haven’t signed up (yet!).

However, there are some folk who are willing to go the extra mile to help grow all things Pedagoo. Content on and our associated social media accounts is maintained by a small team of moderators.

This currently includes:

As well as looking after the online content, this group of enthusiastic teachers are also often found organising events and TeachMeets to help grow the community. You can contact the moderator team at

If you would like to become a moderator you can apply by dropping us an email. Please note, being a Pedagoo moderator is a relatively substantial commitment. You will be looking after the site and social media accounts for a week at a time, taking turns with the rest of the team. This includes:

  • Sending out tweets to promote #PedagooFriday on a Thursday evening and then on the Friday itself.
  • Retweeting #PedagooFriday tweets and encouraging folk to write posts on
  • Responding to activity on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Moderating and publishing new posts on
  • Organising events which allow teachers to share practice in person and help grow the Pedagoo community

You will need to already be an active participant in all things Pedagoo to become a moderator. If this sounds like you and you would like to join the team, then please drop us an email explaining why you would be an awesome Pedagoo Moderator: 

The following is some guidance for Moderators:

  • Please ensure your bio and avatar are filled out so that users know who you are.
  • When moderating new posts, the general rule is that we try to publish everything. Refer to the guidance and if something is too negative or commercial you should give the author feedback which would allow them to get it published. If you’re thinking about turning down a post or you’re not sure, discuss it with the rest of the moderator team.
  • Please ensure that all new posts have a featured image. You can use the Creative Commons image search tool to get good images on flickr and then use the Caption box to credit the owner. The 640px size image is big enough to use. Please add categories and tags to new posts.
  • Where possible, if someone emails you a post, use their email address to create them an account on the site and then assign them as the author of the post.
  • When publishing the new post you can click ‘edit’ in the publicize box to add the author’s twitter account to the tweet.
  • Although the site automatically tweets a new post, it’s good to use the @pedagoo account to send out a few more tweets over the next day to help publicise it. Buffer can be a big help when doing this.


  • Please use the @pedagoo twitter account with care…check which account you’re using before you tweet or authorise services to use an account.
  • The @pedagoo account can be used to promote posts on the blog, PedagooFriday and events. You can also use the account to ask people to contribute to the site.
  • Try to ensure that anything you retweet is about positive classroom practice and is non-commercial and isn’t too political.


  • We try to encourage #PedagooFriday tweets each week by doing shout outs on Thursday evening and Friday morning and then retweeting as many genuine #PedagooFriday tweets as possible from the @pedagoo account.
  • If you can, it’s quite nice to reply to any #PedagooFriday tweets which you think could be expanded into a post on and encourage folk to do that. It’s good to include the link in these tweets so that folk know what it is you’re talking about.

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