My Pedagoo Friday

I really wanted to share more information than is possible in a tweet about the highlight of my week so here goes:

My #PedagooFriday this week has been today, which was our Roald Dahl Day.

I teach a composite primary 1/ 2 class and I have been reading ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ to the class all week in preparation for our Roald Dahl Day.

Today I planned a ‘play in a day’ structure. (We did extend this a little by doing preparation for the artwork in class yesterday afternoon but with primary 1/2 I’m sure you’ll appreciate every minute matters).

9am: After morning routines, the children got straight to work on clearing the classroom, setting up a stage and painting scenery accessories.

9:40am: The painting of our Enormous Crocodile, Humpy-rumpy and outer space complete with sun was finished and drying and it was time to start scriptwriting. We discussed our favourite parts of the book and the Croc’s clever tricks in pairs before choosing, as a class, which clever tricks we wanted to include in our play. This led to the point where we had to start writing the script. I typed the script for the class and they decided to use a similar opening to the book before writing the story in their own words. Once the script was ready we had to assign parts, I thought this would be a difficult task but everyone was happy to take a different role and there were no issues.

10:30am: We had just enough time for a quick read through before it was breaktime and after break we had assembly.

11:40am (after assembly): This was the next point to the day when I had concerns about keeping the children on task and interested in the activity but again I was proven wrong and we had three successful rehearsals before lunch, two of which we filmed to review.

12:05pm: We watched our rehearsal and the children choose the bits that were working well and, with a little guidance, discussed things that could be improved.

1:15pm: I have never seen my class get back from lunch break as quickly, shoes changed and ready to start the afternoon activities. We had a final run-through of our play, filmed in four takes, which they wanted to watch again.

1:50pm: At this point I thought it was important to have a break from the play and we had twenty minutes of language activity time.

2:10pm: The rest of the school and all of the staff arrived to watch our play and share their learning from Roald Dahl Day. The class performed wonderfully and we were very proud of our hard work.

While it is not possible to have every day like this, it is days like today when you are given a snapshot of just how much can be accomplished in a day. The class had a real sense of achievement and pupils who only started formal schooling a few weeks ago contributed and participated in a drama performance in front of the whole school. They were applying their learning from the week studying a book, they recalled the story, helped to sequence it and used rich vocabulary gleaned from other book studies in previous weeks. And this is why I am an extremely proud teacher tonight.

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  1. Sarah

    I loved reading this! It’s so good to share what happens in early years classes and so much can be achieved with the children when they are absorbed in the activities and take ownership of them! I work with P1-4 children who have additional needs and I’m amazed so often with the way their learning happens.
    Thanks for sharing – the different stages and settings are all interesting but I love early years stories most of all!

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