Next year I’ll…

Thank you to all for your responses to our previous call for contributions. Fascinating stuff!

I think with the end of term rapidly approaching it would seem appropriate to follow it up with another call – next year I’ll…

What are you planning to do different next session? Why? How do you intend to do this?

Please feel free to add your contribution as a comment on this post, or on facebook, or email it to [if you’re already an editor on this site just login and click publish!]

I’ll get started this time…I intend to change the way I teach Intermediate 1 biology. I’ve already mentioned on my own blog how I’ve begun this process in these last couple of weeks and I’m going to persevere with this next term. This will involve planning my lessons using a learning cycle approach and striving to ensure that the lessons are as active and engaging as they possibly can be. I also intend to evaluate the impact of this in conjunction with my collaborative enquiry group at school.

What are you intending to change?

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  1. Clint Lanyon

    Three days into the new session and my aim of becoming more involved in the use of technology to improve my own teaching and the learning of others is well underway. The speed at which technology is advancing the delivery of Geography is immense. This daunting pace never ceases to amaze me and I feel duty bound to embrace it and engage myself and my students in it. Who could have imagined 10 years ago that moments after a major earthquake that we would be seeing live satellite imagery tracking the resulting tsunami around the world. Having invested in digital mapping software and GIS for the department I am currently looking out ways to embed its use and would welcome innovative ways of using it more productively across all year groups. Answers on a postcard to….

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