Organising Resources – How?

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A website which:

  • is used by almost every teacher
  • has a simple interface
  • can be accessed on all platforms – mobile, desktop, internet
  • allows you to share content with other users
  • allows you to share all kinds of content (MS office docs, PDFs, websites, games, etc)
  • has unlimited storage
  • is organised by topic for Curriculum for Excellence

It doesn’t exist. Does it? At least I haven’t found it. The above is my mad, utopic vision of resource heaven. In the meantime, I’ve been trying the best I can to organise the digital mountain of stuff that I’m beginning to accumulate. It seems now that a teacher’s filing cabinet is often more likely to be digital than the big grey thing that sits beside the classroom door. Be interested to hear how others keep on top of it (not the real one). I don’t imagine it’s a topic at the cutting edge of pedagogy, but important nevertheless. Maintenance.

So the stuff….. My first stop was my desktop where I managed to consolidate everything into a single folder entitled “Teaching”; within that I have folders for different subjects e.g. “Biology”, within them folders for different levels e.g. “National 4”; within them folder for different units e.g. “Life in Earth”, etc, etc before you finally hit the jackpot and find a duff-looking powerpoint you hastily prepared 9 months ago. The whole thing is currently at 2.8GB and backed up on a memory stick and dropbox. Fair enough. That’s the files tamed for now.

The mighty teaching folder

As well as the files though there are the many websites I use for information, animations, videos, games and so on. Over the course of the last year it’s been a case of “I’ll just bookmark that and think about what to do with it later.” Similarly, I’ve “favorited” a large number of tweets with links to useful websites. Now, with a bit more time on my hands, I’m trying to get all this organised into one place. Where though?

Last night, I had a look around the net to try and find a good place to gather everything together. I’d previously used Delicious, which I used years ago then stopped. It’s not a bad option, but I feel it’s looking a little dates now and I wanted to try something new. Eventually, I plumped for It’s straightforward: set up a topic e.g Biology, stick the “scoop-it” icon in your web-browser, click the icon when you want to bookmark the website you’re reading, tag the website if you wish. The website has its downfalls, for example, you’re only allowed a maximum of 5 topics, which is a bit limiting. At the moment, I’ve set up Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science and Education. Beyond that, you just have to separate websites by tags.

Anyone like to recommend anything similar they’ve found useful?

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