How did all this come about?

Pedagoo began life in Scotland in June 2011. On a random morning, David Cameron wrote the following tweet which kickstarted a big debate on twitter amongst teachers from Scotland

Huge interest in Curriculum for Excellence, Donaldson Review, self-evaluation in Scotland everywhere I am working – except maybe in Scotland


David Cameron

Rather than leaving this one as a discussion to be lost in the sands of twitter, this time a few us decided to try to do something as a result. After a bit of toing and froing, we eventually opted for a collaborative blog. This started life as Education Futures : Scotland, but that name didn’t quite stick, so hence… This was just one of many suggestions which were made, and it won (just about) in an online poll.

What’s with the name then?

Although pedagoo won the online poll, it does have a bit of a marmite tendency to split opinion. It’s intended to be a playful twist on ‘pedagogy’ with the ‘goo’ representing the mess we often find ourselves in and the sticky essence of collaboration. Plus it had the added advantage of not really existing out there as a domain name!