Pedagoo Inception

Today is a local holiday in my local authority. One more day until I can get back in the classroom and start putting into practice the many ideas that have been buzzing around my brain since Saturday.

I must admit on the run up to tmSLFringe, I was getting worried. Worried I would be surrounded by experienced and innovative educators who would immediately identify me as a fraud. I am relatively new to teaching (in my third year as a primary teacher – including probation) and generally feel more confident in front of a room of children than with a group of my peers. Of course, I needn’t have worried. Yes, the wonderfully decorated meeting space of Citizen M was full of experienced and innovative people. They were clearly passionate and motivated about making the educational experience the best it can possibly be, and as that realisation dawned on me, I realised that was me too.

Each workshop left my brain swimming with ideas and a warm, fuzzy feeling that generally comes when watching a feelgood movie with an inspirational ending. This was it. This was the sort of dialogue and sharing of experiences and ideas that inspires each and every one of us to push our teaching and learning further. To try new things, to benefit from others, to realise we are all in this together. It is all too easy to get caught up in the negatives; when a lesson doesn’t go well, when a learning experience you have planned beautifully falls flat or when your to-do list seems neverending, and that is why pedagoo is so important.

Saturday has well and truly reached into my subconcious and given it a good shake. Last night I had a dream about using SOLO taxonomy in a lesson. Pedagoo inception is real and it can happen to you (if it hasn’t already).

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