#pedagoofriday 5/10/12

My favourite #PedagooFriday tweets, loads of great ones out there!

#PedagooFriday having a child vomit with excitement at the next instalment of Holes
Fiona Turner
My S1 getting on board with the growth mindset and agreeing that failure and effort are crucial parts of learning. #pedagoofriday
Claire Young
#pedagoofriday Having 15 y11s choosing to stay for revision, being super enthusiastic and then all thanking me as they left.
#pedagoofriday P7s choosing to write poetry instead of having Golden Time.
Gangnam style air-mass song + associated embarrassing teacher dance. Comment next day-my mum doesnt believe what we do here #Pedagoofriday
#pedagoofriday Y3s overheard whilst inserting clay teeth they made into gums.. we've got a canine left on the table! http://t.co/EqfYE7GE
Francesca Hartwell
#pedagoofriday 3 S4 pupils who skived last assessment turned up, completed latest and asked for next level up.
Listening to a previously non verbal 14 year old with autism speak a four word sentence to ask for snack. #pedagoofriday #amazing #Autism
funky delia
Busy week - P3 posted their stories & P2 used audioboo to record & post their stories. Their blogging adventure has started #pedagoofriday
Gemma Sanderson
#pedagoofriday Small step: lightbulb moment with S4 - asked 4 pupil review of teacher marking/feedback & to set own target for improvement.
Liz Sutherland

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