Today is the first Pedagoo Friday. It’s a simple idea yet, I think, an important one. The principle behind Pedagoo Friday is one that encourages discussion, promotes success and, perhaps, simply reminds us of the great things we are doing in our classrooms every week, the things we simply accept as part of the routine.
There is no pressure to give details, no  expectation that you need to justify yourself. Just a chance to share the wonderful things that happen in our classrooms every week. Twitter is an excellent way to chat and share. Why not share the things you may never share otherwise? We are teachers and we are great at our jobs. Let’s not hide that.  
So go for it. Stick on the hashtag. #PedagooFriday . ‘In my classroom this week,…’     Let’s finish our week with a smile on our faces or a wee bit of inspiration. Remember this Japanese proverb:
‘Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.’
Have a #PedagooFriday!