It’s almost 2013! What are your New Year resolutions going to be this year? Will they include making a change to your classroom practice?

The start of a new year always seems to be a great time to promise to yourself that you’ll try out some of those great ideas you’re constantly hearing about on twitter. But, all too often July comes around too quickly and before you know it the academic year has finished and you’ve not made any progress despite your best intentions. Not next year though.

We’ve got a wee idea we’d like to try. Why don’t we use the unused ‘Groups‘ feature on Pedagoo.org to form some electronic Teacher Learning Communities around shared resolutions? We’ll come together based on our shared intentions and support each other to actually implement them. We can each share our ideas and progress, and even seek input from other Pedagooers who’ve already had some success with what you’d like to try. For example, perhaps you’re wanting to try out SOLO taxonomy…you could come together with others who have a similar ambition and share progress and resources, and perhaps even have a Google Hangout with Lisa Jane Ashes?

However, that’s just one example to help illustrate what we mean, we’d really like you to guide this. So, to get us started please put your classroom practice resolution in the following Google Document and put your name next to it. If yours is already listed (or something quite similar) just add your name to the developing eTLC…

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