So, you all know how #PedagooFriday works now. Every Friday teachers share the highlight of their teaching week on twitter with the hashtag #PedagooFriday. It’s a fantastically positive way to the end the week and a remarkably great way of sharing ideas.

As next week is the last week of the teaching year we thought we’d do something different…introducing the #PedagooReview! Let’s end the year on a high!

For the #PedagooReview we’re asking teachers to share your teaching highlight of 2012 all this week! You can of course do this on twitter just like on a #PedagooFriday, but given this is your highlight of a whole year, you might want to consider sharing it as a blog post instead to allow you to explain it in more than 140 characters.

The idea of Pedagoo.org is that any teacher can share their practice on the blog. All you have to you is join and then click on new post and you’re away. It’s easy! What would be a better of way of writing your first post on Pedagoo.org than sharing the highlight from your classroom from the whole year?

So anytime this week, write a blog post or a tweet to share your best bit of 2012 and add the hashtag #PedagooReview!

Many thanks to @Lexi_Quest for the idea 🙂

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