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Good morning!

I am clearly on the high from yesterday’s fringe meet and full of questions and ideas for the future. This post started as an email to admin but then I questioned myself why? I would like to hear from all of the Pedagoo community so make it a blog post!

Do we have local pedagurus yet? If so, who is involved in Fife? I know that the idea of having more localised ‘branches’ was banded about during the reflections time yesterday and I’d like to become more involved.

I have organised 2 teachmeets before and been involved in many more but the format has been, and I believe, needs to evolve. With Olivia, I am planning another teachmeet event for next Spring but after yesterday I am now questioning whether we should attempt to reinvent the traditional teachmeet into something like a ‘Pedagather’ – a teachmeet spin off.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Pedagurus, getting involved, evolving

  1. Gemma Sanderson

    Sounds like a great idea. I’m in Fife too and would love to get involved organising something like a Teachmeet or an evolved Pedagather. I’ve found that at Teachmeets it would be great for more time to discuss ideas, especially with those who present and the ones I’ve been too haven’t had much discussion. Does this fit with your ideas?

    1. Jennifer Harvey Post author

      That is exactly what I was thinking. It’s getting the balance between sharing lots of ideas and examples of great practice while having time to discuss and tailor things using the experiences of others. Yesterday was fab as I had lots of time to quiz Olivia on how to adapt what she was doing with Big Writing to fit my class and ask about any initial problems.
      I think that if we work together as a team we can diversify ideas and can have a wider reach.

  2. John Johnston

    Amazing that there is now a traditional teachmeet. Considering Teachmeet started as a discussion/conversation/chat in the pub and the format has been pretty flexible any spinoffs are a great idea.
    There is perhaps a tendency to evolve back into the kind of conference that TM was a reaction from.
    To keep true to the concept TMs should always be reinventing themselves. (see teachmeet365 for a more conversational approach)

  3. Darren Leslie

    The more I read and see the videos and see the twitter posts the more I wish I had been there at the tmslffringe! This idea of pedagathers and teachmeets sounds very interesting and as a newcomer to the profession I have yet to be involve din any of this. I would love to get involved somehow, in any shape or form. I live in the scottish borders but can access edinburgh so if anyone plans a gathering please let me know and if anyone at pedagoo thinks there is a role for me then please do not hesitate to ask. Darren

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